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Jane Thompson

Singer, award-winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, choir and workshop leader, Jane has finally released a solo album, 'Here'. Full of original songs as well as a couple of choice covers the album is produced by the amazing Kate Burke and features playing & singing from Kate Burke, Liz Frencham, Justin Marshall, James Rigby, Maggie and Elsie Rigby Cathy English and Wendy Rowlands.


22 Feb 2017 Walk Wentworth Sing

Can't wait to get back up to Wentworth on the Darling River to to have another sing and play in that beautiful part of the world.

You're resources are here.

8 Feb 2017 Singing From Country

It looks like it's time for a little update. I wonder whether we will ever make the time for a website rebuild?

Next up is the 'Singing From Country' concert for Community Music Victoria at the 2017 Castlemaine State Festival. If you're a singer you can find your resources here.


6 April 2016

So the Summer/Autumn festival season draws to an end. We have had the privilege of leading some big groups of singers at Port Fairy and at the National festival in Canberra in festival choirs as they celebrate their 40th and 50th anniversaries respectively. We've had a lovely big belt at songs from Archie Roach, Shane Howard and Michael Kennedy and you have to love seeing people making the transition from being passengers at these huge festival to being practitioners and performers.


In other news we have moved allour online services to a new host and are building a new and hopefully more useful and prettier website that we hope to launch in a month. (most likely 6 months) Check back soon.



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Turramurra Communty Singing

Choirs and Community music

James & Jane have been running community, festival and event choirs and singing events now for more than a decade, in every Australian state. They can tailor a special program for your event or organisation with a huge repertoire of their own arrangements.
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Blackwood is a family band of brothers Bruce, Andy and James Rigby with Jane Thompson. They have played all the major Australian Folk festivals and released 3 critically aclaimed albums. Songs and instrumentals from all around the world but especially Australia and Latin America.

Walk Wentworth Sings 2018 Resources

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