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Rainmakers Yandoit cd cover

Here is our new album released in Nov 2010. It's a diverse collection of songs all relating in some way to Christmas in contemporary Australia. A few old traditional carols that you already know, as well as a couple of lesser known ones. A few contemporary folk songs yearning for peace in our world as well as a new one from Jane that wraps up why we enjoy singing the year to an end. Guaranteed to contain no references to reindeers, snow or Santa.

1: Yandoit Jane Thompson
2: O Come All Ye Faithful trad
3: The Kindness of Strangers K Mazzella
4: Ding Dong Merrily on High trad
5: Hush My Babe trad
6: The Bethlehem Bell Ringer Carl Cleves
7: Peace Must Come Paul Metsers
8: Jesus Child J Rutter
9: The Silver Stars Wheeler/James
10: Juggling Time Mic Conway/McCusker
11: Away in a Manger

We recorded the album with the wonderful Micky Levis with additional recording at home and by Maggie in Ireland. We also got a beautiful fiddle solo from the gorgeous Louisa Wise in Margaret River.

A wonderful selection of songs exploring our complex responses to the challenges thrown at us at Christmas.


Singing Up a Storm CD cover

Here is our second album recorded at home then mixed at a wonderful Castlemaine recording facility, 'InstrAmental'.

1. Avila
2.Travelling Song
3. Haibo
4. Morning Song
5. Wildfire
6. It's a Free World
7. Spinnish Waltz
8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
9. Hot Water Bottle
10. Coral
11. Comptine d'un autre ete l'apres midi
12. Nobody But the Baby
13. Just Like That
14. Money Money Money

With five original pieces and a quirky mix of songs and tunes from Australia
and around the world 'Singing Up A Storm' is an uplifting and fun slice of family

Maggie with UkeMaggie and Elsie with marimba

James recording guitarElsie helping Naomi


Rainmakers CD cover

The Rainmakers debut CD was recorded, mixed and manufactured in caravan parks in Kalbarri and Karratha, WA.
1. Iko trad.
2 Giant Squids, Baterz
3. Spring Gully Jive, Andy Rigby
4. No Goon No Pah, trad.
5. Solid Rock, Shane Howard
6. O Le Mu, trad.
7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow, from Iz
8. Odoli, trad
9.Hot Water Bottle, Jane Thompson
10. It's a Free World, Peggy Seeger

Maggie and James Recording

Jane & Elsie at deskNaomi overdubbing

Naomi & James @ es


The Rainmakers first CD may be obtained directly from the band for $15.

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